Fiesta Balloons

Fiesta was established since 1994. Its initial scope was restricted to Balloons Printing and Wholesale Distribution.

Balloons Decoration

Fiesta expanded its business to Balloons Decoration. Back in 1998, was the opening of the first retail store: "Fiesta Balloons" in Koreitem.

Asia Cup

Fiesta Decorated the Asian Cup hosted in Lebanon.

Fireworks Department

Fiesta introduced its Fireworks Department for Indoor and Outdoor Events.

Gift N Wrap and Ashkal Departments

Fiesta launched 2 New Departments: "Ashkal" (creation of 3Dimensional Styrofoam Artwork) for Weddings and Events. "Gift n' Wrap" for wrapping, handcrafts, and souvenirs.

ISO 9001

Fiesta got "ISO 9001:2008 Certified". The registration convers the Quality Management System for the scopes of Styrofoam design development for events, Balloons and Gadgets, Retails/Wholesales, Handmade gift production, and Events fireworks.

Fake Cakes

Fiesta launched its 6th Department: "Fake Cakes" designed by Bechara Chmouny.


Fiesta launched "FiestaVille" the power center of easy fun-to-do activities for children of age various age group: It is a Birthday Venue, and Nursery for Junior VIPs.

KSA, Jeddah

Fiesta is spreading over the gulf. Our new branch is in Jeddah, KSA and we launched a production house factory, specialized in the Art and Design of Styrofoam as well as Fiber glass.

Retail Branches

Fiesta Group will have 4 retail branches located at: Koreitem, Spinneys Jnah, Karout Mall, and KidzMondo

And So We Go On